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Catholic Family Faith Formation

What is Family Faith Formation?

Wanting to honor the parents' role as the first educator of their children's faith, the Cathedral Faith Formation and Education offers a Family-centered formation. Whole families come together to learn their faith, with parents taking a key role by leading their children in prayer, bible readings, Sacraments, and participating in Sunday worship. In our weekly lessons we help give parents the tools to help them succeed at being the religious educators that they already are. Family Faith Formation supports parents in their own religious formation and in the education of their children through instruction, prayer experiences, retreats, and community building events.

What about Sacramental Preparation (Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Communion)?

The program integrates preparation for the Sacraments of Penance (Confession), First Eucharist (First Communion), and Confirmation. When a child is ready, sometime after 2nd grade (for Penance and First Eucharist) and after 7th Grade (for Confirmation), and having at least two years of formation, they may apply for preparation for the Sacrament needed.

We also provide lessons for children in between Sacramental years to help them continue to grow close to God in Sacred Scripture and prayer.

What about teaching the faith by grade levels?

No matter how good a program is, classroom catechesis only works in the context of a faithful community. One percent of a child’s life can’t overcome the other ninety-nine. When faith formation is limited to the classroom, its impact is not only lessened - it can make the faith appear irrelevant to life, with it just another hoop to jump through to get those sacraments checked off. Studies show that creating strong Catholic families through the involvement of parents helps young people see their faith alive and a part of their daily experience.

This represents a radical role reversal in typical Catholic religious education, but it’s really just an application of the Church’s mandate to form adults so that families can catechize their young. When this occurs, children are taught the faith as a way of life and not just as a weekly class.


​Families commit to coming weekly for formation at the Cathedral; there will be various days/times available for formation. The families begin together in Mercy Hall for opening prayer before dismissing children to their classrooms. Parents have a parallel formation so they are equipped to share their faith with their children. The families reunite at the end of the session for a summary of the lesson and closing prayer.

Youth Ministry

For youth in 7th grade or older, we will structure Youth Ministry, where they learn to pray, read scripture, and grow in faith with other youth with a focus on deepening their discipleship as followers of Jesus. For more information, please contact Titi Kila.

For questions about Family Faith Formation, please contact Sr. Lisa Marie Doty, FdCC.

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