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Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament 
Stewards of God’s Gifts 

A Glimpse of Spirituality 靈修一瞥29                                 Fr. Abraham Chiu 趙必成神父


People will get hearing aids when they have hearing problems. However, when the heart and mind are blocked, the voice of God cannot be heard by any hearing aids.

Those who repeatedly asked who Jesus was had already seen the miracles with their eyes that Jesus performed. With their ears, they had also heard Jesus’ preaching; however, they still could not accept the fact that Jesus was the Messiah.

They questioned Jesus, “How long will you keep us in suspense? If you are the Christ, tell us plainly.”

The noun “suspense” (aireis) refers to a feeling of entanglement, which contains excitement, fear, hope, joy, or grief. In short, the crowd’s impression of Jesus is very vague. Simply, they have no faith. Though Jesus has revealed that he was the Messiah by his words and deeds, and the crowd still seemed to be unable to see or hear.

Jesus said, “The works that I do in my Father’s name, they bear witness to me.”

Everything Jesus did was in the name of the Father. That is to say, the works were entrusted by the Father to Jesus.

The term “works” is plural, referring to all the works of Jesus on earth for the glory of the Father, particularly, his incarnation and resurrection. It was the way that the Father who revealed God’s eternal love to the world through Jesus. Without God, all miracles and the mysteries of incarnation could not be done on earth. Thus, Jesus emphasized that all works bore witness to him.

“Witness” (martyrei) is to prove that Jesus is the Messiah. As a matter of fact, the crowd really did not put what they saw and heard into their heart and mind; just as Jesus said: “you do not believe, because you do not belong to my sheep.”

Unbelief is refusal. The refusal against Jesus is to challenge Jesus. This is the unsteady life under the state of unbelief.

Life is steady because with Jesus as our support. What we need to be with Jesus is faith.














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Sacramento Chinese Catholic community was formed with the purpose of establishing a base for Chinese speaking people to come to know God and to worship him. Language barrier and ethnic difference have been keeping a lot of people from the house of God. They couldn't fully participate in the church and didn't have a sense of belonging. Now with our own Chinese speaking priest, the Sacramento Chinese Catholic Community is becoming more and more lively.

We sincerely invite you: if you were a Catholic and were not able to participate in mass or sacraments due to language barrier, this is your home; if you were a Catholic with no language barrier, are you willing to help God build up His church locally for the Chinese speaking people? If you were not a Catholic yet, you will find God here by feeling the love among our members.

Even if you were not one of those above, we still want to invite you to visit us and then you can properly introduce us to your friends who may need a group like this.

Check us out by coming to our Chinese mass at 2:00pm on a Sunday, or just call one of the contact persons. See you soon!

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Priest: Fr. Abraham Chiu
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President: John Wong


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