Covid-19 Update

Posted 03/22/20, 7:00 pm

You can watch a privately held daily Mass at 5:00 pm on our facebook feed on the Parish News page.

Posted 03/17/20, 5:28 pm

Public Mass has now been suspended. Read the pastoral message and decree from Bishop Soto.


Posted 03/17/20, 5:10 pm

Until further notice, the Rectory office at the Cathedral is closed to the public. Staff are still available by phone, 916-444-3071, and email at Mail deliveries are still accepted.

Posted 03/16/20, 11:11 am

As a continued effort to keep our parishioners safe, the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament will suspend, in addition to all faith formation classes of children, to also include our adult faith formation programming. This week of March 16th the following groups will NOT meet: RCIA for Adults (Mon), Teen Confirmation (Tues); Adult Confirmation (Thurs); Adult Bible Study (Thurs). Catechetical Teams are preparing material to provide home-based lessons and ensure on-going opportunities for our families' spiritual growth. If you have any questions or for updates, please contact the Faith Formation Office.

Posted 03/13/20, 11:43 am

Bishop Soto closes all schools of the Diocese of Sacramento, effective with the end of school today, March 13, 2020, for a minimum of two weeks. Read the letter to parents here.

Posted 03/12/2020, 5: 12 pm (revised)

With the latest decision from the Diocese to close all Catholic schools, all faith formation and religious education classes of the Diocese will also be suspended. The Cathedral Faith Formation and Education office is preparing resources to help families continue to grow in their faith at home. Please continue to check our website for updates. Those already registered in our Faith Formation Programs Adults and Children will receive their first packet of materials by this coming Wednesday, March 18th. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate through this uncertain time together. 

Posted 03/12/2020, 2:27pm

The Bishop has released a decree granting special dispensation to all members of the Catholic Faithful of the Diocese of Sacramento from the obligation to attend Mass on Sunday until further notice. Read the pdf.

Posted 03/12/2020, 11:30 am

The Mass will proceed as scheduled until further notice.

For the weekend of March 14th and 15th all Faith Formation classes are suspended. They will resume next weekend. This break allows us time to put into place the Diocese's requirements for schools/classrooms for the duration of the Covid-19 restrictions. All students will report directly to their classrooms. There will not be any assembly in Mercy Hall before classes begin. 


The Lay Canossian Retreat scheduled for Saturday, March 14th - as advertised in the bulletin - has been cancelled. These groups will have their reflections in their regular small groups (Cathedral group - March 21st, 1pm; Lincoln group - March 18th, 9am; and Our Lady of Lourdes group - March 28, 3pm). 


All those preparing to enter the Church at Easter (Monday RCIA for Adults, RICA, and our Children and Teen Catechumenate) will have their regular sessions, including this Sunday, March 15th at the 9am Mass (First Scrutiny). The Breaking Open of the Word will follow.


What precautions are we taking to help keep people healthy?

  • All of our lower level formation and education spaces are cleaned / disinfected daily. This includes all tables, chairs, door-grabs and crash-bars. 

  • All rooms are sprayed with disinfectant daily to help rid our breathing spaces of airborne contaminants. 

  • We have antiseptic hand cleaner in our classroom spaces.

  • We instruct all participants to stay home if they have a fever, cough and/or nasal drainage from a cold. Any children who arrive and are sick, are to be sent home immediately. 

  • We also ask those with compromised immune systems and those susceptible to respiratory infections - regardless of age - to follow the diocesan guidelines for elderly. 

What can we do individually to make a difference?

  • If you are sick, stay home. If your condition does not improve, seek medical assistance. One is dispensed from the obligation of Sunday Mass when ill. We recommend instead that you follow the Mass online at the Cathedral Facebook/Youtube channel, or other online Mass, and stay united with our faith community in this spiritual way. Make a spiritual communion at the time of communion during the online broadcast. 

  • Volunteer to help keep our worship space and classrooms clean. We work hard to ensure our worship space and classrooms are clean, but we would like to do more, such as to wipe down pews and hand-holds between services. If you can help, please let us know! 

  • Practical things:

    • Avoid shaking hands. Find another appropriate way to connect, such as tapping elbows or feet (as has become popular in Japan).

    • Give more room between each other when talking together. 

    • All should take great care in washing their hands often with soap and water for the duration it takes to pray an "Our Father" 

    • Use hand sanitizer between washings 

    • Avoid using your bare hands when opening doors in public spaces. Carry a handkerchief or other means for this purpose, or use another part of your body when possible. 

    • Be mindful to not touch your face. This alone will limit the amount of germs that have access to your body. 

    • Clean hand-held surfaces in your home, car, and work space to help protect you from contaminants. 

  • Donate to the Cathedral. The extra measures we are taking is an increased budget expense and we could use your help financially to help keep our Cathedral community healthy and happy so that the necessary things can continue. Thank you!